Best Essential Oil Brands

Deciding to buy a product may be harder than it seems to be. As essential oil’s quality standard does not exist, choosing the right brand for you may be a challenge.

Although two essential oils carry the same name on their label, their extraction methods and origin might be different, therefore before buying them it is important to check several things.

Best Essential Oil Brands of 2020

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It is well known that essential oils have great benefits when it comes to health and wellbeing. Natural remedies are now chosen by many, gaining more and more popularity.

1. Aromatherapy

By using essential oils in aromatherapy, you can induce yourself a feeling of relaxation which can improve your sleeping, ease your stress and can help you on easing pains such as kidney stones pains and knee pains. Inhale deeply the beautiful smells of essentials oils and relax instantly before going to sleep.

2. Essential Oil Baths

Adding a few drops of essential oils in your bath is one of the most effective ways to use essential oils. The heat of water will open up your pores and help your skin absorb all the nourishing substances. Therefore, you will benefit of the therapeutic properties of essential oils to their full potential and relax at the same time, inhaling the unique fragrances.

3. Perfumes

Finding a perfume that matches your style perfectly may be quite troublesome and tiresome. You can use essential oils to craft perfumes that suit your tastes. You can even combine different types of essential oils to achieve the perfect fragrance.
Foods and drinks:

You can find a lot of essential oils that are safe for consumption (NOT all of them are safe for consumption and may cause serious illnesses and allergies). Thus, you can bring unforgettable tastes to your plates, but serious research must be done before the consumption of essential oils.

4. Against Flu Symptoms

Studies show that essential oils have antiviral properties, helping you cope with flu symptoms. Some of the most popular are:

  • Lemon oil – clears your nasal passages and allows you to breath freely.
  • Peppermint – reduces coughs, throat infections and sinusitis
  • thyme – has antibacterial activity to help fight respiratory infections
  • Eucalyptus – reduces fever and fight viruses
  • Chamomile – reduces cold and flu symptoms

5. Against Inflammation

Some studies demonstrate that essential oils have anti – inflammatory properties. Thyme, clove, rose, eucalyptus, fennel and bergamot were found to be the most helpful. Even so, specialist recommend not to ignore these symptoms and to treat the root cause of the problem.

6. Weight Management

Essential oils will give you an extra boost that you need to lose weight fast.

  • Peppermint oil will energize you and it will improve your focus, so you can maximize your workouts. It is also beneficial and used to recover, soothing your sore muscles.
  • Lemon oil improves neurological activity and maximizes the breakdown of body fat. It also has calming effects, supports digestion and detoxification.
  • Cinnamon oil balance your sugar levels and reduces the cravings which will help you maintain your diet and be focused.

7. Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and migraines can sometimes be a cry for help, our body telling us that we forgot to take a moment and relax throughout the day. Essential oils will soothe our pain and release the stress. Peppermint, rosemary, lavender and chamomile are some of them.

8. Hair Growth

Hair growth can be speeded up massaging a mix of essential oils on the scalp. The best essential oils known for their benefits are: bergamot, jojoba, peppermint oil.

9. Allergies

Contact dermatitis, hives, phototoxic reaction, nasal irritation and eye irritation are the most common allergies known to respond to essential oil treatment. Don’t forget to do a patch test to check the response of your body before starting the treatment.

10. Skincare

Everyone should include essential oils into their daily skin care routine. They have work wonders preventing wrinkles, exfoliating skin to heal scars and can even clear up acne. There are thousands of oils to choose from. Find the ones that suits you the best and enjoy the benefits.

11. Caution

As essential oils have multiple uses it is important to understand the risks of misusing them and the necessity to properly differentiate the brands.

Even if essential oils may have a great benefit, they can also cause serious problems like skin irritation and allergic reactions, even poisoning when ingested if they are not selected carefully and if they are not coming from a respected and trustworthy source.


Quality Checks


As the purity of an essential oil directly affects its quality, you want to avoid adulterated oils. One way to decrease the chance of buying an adulterated oil is by choosing a brand that is specialized only on essential oils production. As their main income depends on essential oils, their quality standards will be higher than that of a retailer who offers more choices.

Also, it is recommended to carefully read the labels before going further with the purchase as by doing this, you might prevent buying an oil that contains diluents.

Storing and expiration date

Also avoid buying essential oils that are stored in plastic bottles as essential oil can dissolve plastic and decrease the oil’s purity. Essential oils must be stored in dark colored bottles. As nothing lasts forever, so does essential oils. Therefore, you must verify the expiration date as they can oxidize, deteriorate and lose their properties over time.

Anyway, the lifespan of essential oil can vary based on the type of oil and the way it is stored. Some essential oils can have a shelf life of several years.


As the production of essential oils require a lot of resources and time, from growing the plants to processing them into essential oils it is expected that the oil is sold at a price that allows the business’s continuity and growth. Therefore, if it is too cheap you should ask yourself if it worth the risk as sometimes essential oils may be harmful.

You also must be careful because some companies may overprice their products and you don’t want to buy a product that worth way less than you paid for it.


Checking the label is vital. An honest brand should display every information on its labels. This information must include name of the item (it is important to have the common name and its Latin one for avoiding confusions), the ingredient list of the oil, the country of origin of the plant, when the product was distilled and the expiration date of the essential oil.

Some brands might choose to have the information displayed on the website not on the bottle label, therefore it may worth checking it. The more information a brand will offer, the less trustworthy it will be.


Non-Organic Essential oils

Many people prefer to choose non-organic essential oils over organic oils because of their price. However, due to the usage of pesticides and other chemicals on plants, their properties can be altered, and the usage of these non-organic essential oils can have as consequence side effects that can endanger the health of the user.

Many brands test their products before and after putting them on the sale, hence buying non-organic products is not always a bad idea, as long as they come from safe sources and all the details are made available to the consumer. It is recommended a very careful documentation before purchasing or using any product, regardless of its nature, organic or non-organic.

Organic Essential oils

Being grown as naturally as possible, organic oils can grant better benefits to your health and body. Growing the plants with pesticides and chemicals can alter their properties, resulting into a lower quality product.


1. doTERRA – Wild Orange Essential Oil

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Ever since 2008, when the brand was established, doTERRA offers top notch products to its customers.. The quality of the products is guaranteed by the fact that this brand managed not only to survive for so long on the market, but also to climb the tops focusing on the sales of essential oils.

Thus, putting the customer’s desires and needs in the first place, doTERRA manages to become one of the top brands in essential oils industry. This fact can also be seen in customer’s reviews and feedbacks.

One of doTERRA’s top selling product is (Citrus Sinensis) Wild Orange essential oil. With a wide variety of uses form flavoring your water to energizing your body, this product can also be mixed with several other oils (as Peppermint, Frankincense) therefore creating unlimited aromas.


  • High quality product.
  • It can be used aromatically, topically and internally.


  • Non-organic essential oils (as their sources are all around the globe and there are no certifying standards for aromatherapy products).
  • Once you will come to love it you will notice that you can’t find bottles bigger than 15 mL.
  • Being one of the biggest brands in essential oils market comes with a price, thus their products may be quite pricey for some people.



2. Rocky Mountain Oils

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Rocky Mountain Oil appeared on the market of essential oils in 2004 and successfully managed to bring high quality products to its customers ever since. This fact brought them the title of Experts of Essential Oils.

Rocky Mountain Oil offers its customers high quality products such as lavender essential oil. This oil is one of the best sellers among beginners, but also among those who have been using essential oils for a long time.

Lavender oil (Lavandula Angustifolia) can be used to improve your sleep, help your body relax and soothe your skin.


  • The superior quality of the products is a key point of this brand.
  • Perfect for stress relief, skincare recipes and linen spray.


  • Non-organic essential oils.
  • You can’t find bottles larger than 15ml.
  • The price is slightly higher than other brands.


3. Edens Garden

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Starting in 2009 as a dream, Edens Garden started its journey on this bumpy road of essential oils marketing where it could easily be devoured by older and bigger brands that already had a reputation.

However, by continuing to offer quality products at an affordable price, they have managed to become a titan of the essential oils market, thus making their dream a reality.


  • As no one cannot love animals, Edens Garden turns this into a key point of their brand, thus adopting a cruelty-free and non-toxic policy.
  • Additive-free as these essential oils are 100% pure.
  • As some of you are parents, you may have some concerns as using essential oils around a kid. But Edens Garden may be the brand that you are looking for as their oils are safe to use around your kids (Anyway it is recommended to consult a doctor before using it around a kid, especially if the kid suffers from health problems).


  • Non-organic essential oils.
  • May not be as strong as expected.


4. Plant Therapy

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With a well-chosen goal, Plant Therapy managed to gain its place in the essential oil market. Their goal being “to have the greatest possible impact on as many people as possible”. Putting their customers on the first place, Plant Therapy is in a continuous search for a better self, never saying that they are good enough.

Proving such determination and passion, Plant Therapy deserves to be in the top of the best brands in the essential oils marketing.


  • Kids safety won’t be a concern using Plant Therapy’s products as this brand offers essential oils that are kids friendly.
  • Being a brand that produces organic oils (but unfortunately not all their products are organic), we can look at Plant Therapy as a brand that seeks a healthier and brighter future by promoting sustainability.
  • In addition of producing organic and kids-friendly oils, they never test their products on animals, therefore we can say Plant Therapy is cruelty-free.
  • Plant Therapy combines affordability with quality offering quality products at relatively low prices.


  • Some of their products are non-organic.
  • May not be as concentrated as expected (this thing is slightly expected as the price is lower compared to other brands).


5. Majestic Pure

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Although Majestic Pure is not specialized in the sale of essential oils, but it is specialized in skin care and hair care products. This brand manages to successfully deliver what their customers ask for: quality products at reasonable prices. Their low price came as a result of avoidance of organic labeling, even if their plants grow naturally.

One of their recommendation it’s Ylang ylang essential oil, extracted from the tropical flowers of the Canaga odora which provides many benefits from beauty to health benefits, primally being used for treating premenstrual syndrome and high blood pressure.


  • Majestic Pure products can be found at a pretty low price, thus making them accessible to everyone.
  • The essential oils of this brand are found in quite generous bottles (30ml,118ml), so you won’t be concerned for a while that you will run out of your favorite bland.
  • Considering the size of the bottle, we can say that the prices are quite low compared to many other brands.
  • This brand can also be included in our list of brands that supports a cruelty-free policy.


  • Their products are non-organic (this fact is a result of low prices, trying to avoid spending money on organic certification).
  • Compared to other brands, Majestic Pure does not possess such a wide range to choose from (way lower than brands that specialize in essential oils industry).


6. Young Living

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Young Living is one of the oldest brands in essential oils industry. This brand has made its essential oils and related products ever since 1993, when it was founded. Although, their essential oils are non-organic, Young Living is the only company that have its own farms. Their farms can be found all around the globe.

They are open to the public view, so you can visit them and see the way they grow their plants.


  • Young Living states that their products do not require animal testing, thus promoting cruelty-free policy.
  • Great transparency providing access to their farms (Young Living farm tour passport required).
  • Young Living has been showing so much dedication towards essential oils, so they can be trusted to offer high quality products.


  • Their products are non-organic.
  • Their products are quite expensive.


7. Aura Cacia

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From ready to use body care to essential oils, this brand produces a wide variety of products both organic and non-organic at reasonable prices, since 1976.

Aura Cacia purchase the oils from other manufacturers after sampling and testing them, they don’t distill the oils in-house and they won’t accept products that are irradiated.

Each shipment they send out is tested for purity and high quality.


  • Offer some organic essential oils.
  • Offers a wide variety of essential oils to choose from.
  • Strong smells that will last for quite a while.


  • Some of their products are non-organic.
  • Unfortunately, the purity check is not displayed on their website.


8. Vitruvi

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The essential oils come from more than 30 countries around the word. Because this company it’s online-first based and traditional retail costs are almost none, they managed to keep high quality at low prices.


  • They produce organic and non-organic oils
  • Some of the oils are safe to use around pets (it is recommended to visit a vet first, but under no circumstance should the pet eat or ingest essential oils)
  • Prices relatively low.


  • Most of their products have 2-year shelf life only (while some of other brands essential oils can reach a shelf life up to 15 years).
  • The scent may not be as strong as expected.


9. Now Foods

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It’s one of the biggest essential oil brands in the world, founded in 1968, Now Foods successfully brought happiness in their customers life offering them high quality products at affordable prices.


  • Their essential oils are highly concentrated.
  • Relatively low prices accessible for most of the people.
  • Pure and natural oils except for ‘’Jasmine oil blends’’ which is clearly labeled as synthetic.
  • Great transparency providing information from sourcing the ingredients to packaging and delivering.
  • Low prices.
  • Cruelty free.


  • Some of their essential oils are non-organic.
  • Clearly marketed for aromatherapy, not suitable for any other use than aromatherapy (not for internal use or skin care). Using them internally or directly on the skin may cause harm to some people.


10. Natrogix

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Ever since Natrogix was established, their goal remained the same: supporting healthy and beauty lifestyles of all kinds with highest quality ingredients. Natrogix can be defined as a mix of quality and accessibility offering their highest quality products at the lowest price.


  • Their essential oils are highly concentrated.
  • Really low prices accessible for most of the people.
  • Pure and natural oils except for ‘’Jasmine oil blends’’ which is clearly labeled as synthetic.


  • Some of their essential oils are non-organic as a result of importing their ingredients from different places, therefore some of their suppliers do not provide plants grown in a natural organic way.


Even if the products of most of the brands have a good quality, not all of them are the same. Some people may say that some items are overpriced and overrated, however this is not always true. When you are buying a product, you are not paying just for the product itself, you are also paying for the services provided.

Delivery and customer support are extremely important. If these two are aspects are carefully thought of, the company will manage to provide a good customer experience. When deciding which product brand to buy, you should take in consideration the prices vs the quality of the product and services.

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