Best Drugstore Lip Plumper

There was a time when the only way to have the appearance of full lips required a visit to a surgeon’s office. Now, there are products available that can mimic this feature temporarily.

Today’s lip gloss brands can contain ingredients that specifically cater to consumers who want to expand the flattened impression of their lips without the need of going under the knife.

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Dior Addict

Best Lip Plumper

If you would like to have a high volume lip plumper, you definitely should try lip maximizer designed by Dior Addict.

The product is not sticky like some products and after application seems to absorb into your lips which take on a natural-looking healthy shine.

This Lip Maximizer has incredible volume effect which instantly plumps up lips. It does not only plump your lips immediately but over time it encourages collagen to activate, permanently enhancing your lips.

Below are seven of the Top Drugstore Lip Plumpers sold online to achieve this look, along with a detailed guide to help you find the right lip gloss that caters to the style you like the most.

What is the Best Drugstore Lip Plumpers in 2020?

Although plumping lip gloss brands share many similarities, there are difference in size and color. The most noticeable deals with the smell and number of colors featured. For a quick roundup, view the comparison table to see where each lip gloss differs:

Dior Addict
(Editor’s Choice)
1.12 ozVanilla mint3
One Minute
(People’s Choice)
1/12 ozStrawberry1 (Pink)
NYX Professional
(Best Price)
0.28 ozNo3
0.19 ozNo2
0.20 ozSweet1 (Gloss Spark)
0.11 ozSweet3
0.7 ozMild3

1. Dior Addict  – Best Drugstore Lip Plumper (Editor’s Choice)

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss review

Dior is a popular beauty brand known throughout the world for their high-quality fragrances, clothing, and makeup kits. They also produce one of the best lip glosses.

The Addict Lip Maximizer does what it says and will help broaden the look of your lips, all without changing their ordinary hue.

The “nude” blend is great for mixing with all sorts of lipsticks regardless of the color. It also softens them and keeps drying from occurring.

How Much You Should Apply

If you’re wary of trying out lip glosses under this category for their irritating effects, don’t be. Itching is not likely to happen, so long as you’re not applying it every hour.

At the same time, this might be necessary to keep the gloss from becoming dim. For a lengthy plump look and shine, use three times a day, preferably after your breakfast, lunch, and dinner routines.

And while plumping is noticeable, it might not be enough in the first few days for anyone with very small lips. If you don’t notice any change, try using the product for about a week or two, taking photos to see the progression. Over time, your lips may appear a little larger than they were before.

Patience is Key

Dior’s Addict Lip Maximizer is best for people with moderate to larger lips that need something to bring them out a little bit more.

As stated, they can be used for anyone that has smaller, yet this requires patience before any results are shown. It’s still a great lip gloss in its own regard, and you just might break it out for the way it keeps certain lipsticks from drying.

DIOR lip plumper/ Maximizer- Does it work??/does it plump?!?

  • Blends well with most lipsticks without affecting their original color
  • Acts as a moisturizer that prevents the lips from getting chapped
  • Created from materials that prevent itching from occurring
  • The overall size increase may not be sufficient for some users
  • In certain conditions, the gloss may need multiple applications over a short period of time to keep from dimming

2. One Minute  – Get Naturally Fuller Lips Fast (People’s Choice)

One Minute Nutrition Lips Plus review The One Minute Nutrition Lips Plus is one color – pink, but deserves mentioning due to three main selling points: firmness, scent, and longevity.

Gives a Silky Smooth Texture to Your Lips

By firmness, the gloss will cling to both lips yet maintain a smooth consistency. You can brush it on and not feel the sticky sensation around your mouth, something that’s found in many glosses with or without the plumping ability.

] It’s not unscented but has a mild smell to it; a slightly sweet accent of strawberries. One application should suffice for most occasions. It holds up well after consuming meals and drinks; you probably won’t even need to put on another coat after you’re finished dining out.

Dealing with the Tingles

For those with sensitive skin and lips, this product might cause some uncomfortable irritation. Tingling will probably occur and even some burning could be felt, of which could last for as long as 30 minutes.

Some people don’t know their sensitivity until they try it out for the first time. In this situation, place a small amount on a section of your lips and take note if there are any annoying effects. If it feels like something you can handle, then apply as normal. Keep your coat light and the sensation should go after the time mentioned has passed.

Overall, the One Minute Nutrition Lips Plus is best for people who have tried other brands that had no effect. Thin lips are always hard to plump up, but continuous use could see them gain some enlargement. If you’re the type that hates having to go over your lips after eating, this lip plumper will be a huge benefit to you.
  • Hold firm to the lips without being sticky
  • Scent is minimal and won’t interfere with other lipsticks that are not
  • Gloss will last for a long time without need for reapplication
  • Tingling and burning is common, which may last as long as 30 minutes
  • For people with considerably thin lips, plumping will be more difficult to notice
  • Natural ingredients are questionable (contains polybutene)

3. NYX Professional  – Transformation from Thin to Full Will Occur Instantly (Best Price)

NYX Professional Makeup Plump It Up review

The NYX Professional lip plumper keeps everything to a smooth finish.

That means you can put it on in a thin layer and not have it smear away one hour later.

There are three distinct colors, each of them having more or less shine to their hue.

Compatibility for a Unique Look

For plumping, the effects work as advertised but don’t expect a full-on lip expansion.

This is really a good thing as well because there’s no need to heavily coat your lips to see results.

If you’re a fan of matte lipsticks, this gloss is fully compatible with them and will show off a unique look that reflects off the light in a way, which is iridescent and changing.

Gloss and Plumping

This is not always a great feature for some consumers. That means the color tends to brighten or darken with every angle and could appear awkward when combined with some lipsticks.

If you prefer the gloss over the plumping effect, the NYX Professional is better since plumping and opalescent visuals on the lips do not always match. Regardless, it can still fatten up the lips for a short while and is suggested for anyone that wishes to avoid burning.


  • Mild plumping works well without having to apply in heavy amounts
  • Blends well with matte lipsticks
  • The tone goes on clear with a smooth gloss that doesn’t stick together
  • It’s best as a lips gloss and a mild lip plumper
  • After application, lip color may change significantly when viewed at different angles

4. NARS  – Contains Natural Lip Enhancers to Pump Up with Volume

NARS Larger Than Life review

Nars Larger Than Life looks like any other lip gloss yet is far from the standard. There are two shades, one that’s bright pink and another with a nude finish.

If you like sparkles (glitter) on your lip gloss, this product is a great way to show off plump lips with the added bonus of having a fuller look, made possible by the small flecks of gold that accompany the appearance.

Stays On after a Meal

The first thing you’ll notice is how long it all remains on the lips. Hot drinks tend to be the best way to indicate how strong the gloss will stay on. When first acquiring this product, test it out by drinking a hot beverage such as coffee or tea, then go to the mirror. The gloss will remain as it was before you ever consumed the drink.

Food holds up the same way, so applying only once could get you through an entire day. Yet the feel is a little different to some glosses. It’s a rubbery-like sense when you rub your lips together, as if they’ve been coated in wax.

This will become especially noticeable when you’re ready to wipe everything off. In fact, wiping might not work at all. Just substitute with blotting instead, which should clear everything away after a few strokes.

Clean up Time

Overall, the NARS Larger Than Life is the right pick for you if needing something that will stay on so well that you’ll have to work a tad bit harder to “blot” clean.

The color is about the same as the lips, so you might find it more useful when added to a mild colored lipstick; the finish resembles an almost transparent ordinary lips gloss. Still, consider for the length it will actually remain on for most of your day without flaking off.

NARS Larger Than Life Lipgloss and Urban Decay's O-Zone

  • Has gold sparkles that help plumping become more noticeable
  • The gloss stays on the lips, even after consuming multiple hot and cold foods/beverages
  • The gloss can potentially become irritating to clean away and require blotting instead of a quick wipe
  • The pink color could be the same hue as some user’s lips and resemble a clear lip gloss

5. Hard Candy – For Thin Lips

Hard Candy Plumping Serum Fat Pout review

Hard Candy’s Plumping Serum Fat Pout comes in a Gloss Spark hue, which resembles a color found in high-quality lip glosses that don’t contain plumping features.

It should get you through the day with minimal reapplications when a moderate amount is used. It’s also sparkling, which shows a glittery look that highlights the plump, particularly for anyone will small or flat lips.

Color and Hues

While there is a bit of tingling, the feeling should go away after five minutes and will not overtly become a nuisance. If you’re sensitive to lip plumper, this should be high on your list of products to try.

While you’re looking at lip plumping gloss brands online, you may notice that the color could change, depending on the picture.

Or you may have bought a gloss that has a huge completely different from the picture that was shown with the product. The Plumping Serum appears solid pink but is actually more neutral when on the skin.

How It Looks on Its Own

If you’re expecting something that is opaque enough to cover your lips, you’ll want to look elsewhere. The hue will match the skin’s color, so consider this if you don’t wear lipstick as a base for your lip gloss.

Nevertheless, you should try out the brand if you’re lips are moderate-to-thin. It helps to add significant “growth” to their look, especially if used consecutively over a few days.
  • Powerful enough to use only one time for an entire day
  • The glitter adds sparkle to the lips and does not stick to food
  • Tingling is kept to a minimum and should subside after 5-10 minutes
  • The color is more neutral than solid pink
  • Not suitable for people who want a lip plumper with no glitter/sparkle

6. Sorme Cosmetics  – Plump, Smooth and Enhance Lips

Sorme Cosmetics Lip Thick Plumping review

Sorme is also one of the better glosses that bases its effects on the texture of the gloss itself. It’s considerably thick, which helps to shorten touch-ups over a long time period.

Even with this thick consistency, you won’t get a sticky feeling when you rub your lips against each other. That means you can drink beverages without having the gloss smeared all over the edge of your cup.

Pleasant Aroma that’s Refreshing

Scents are always a hit or miss quality in a lipstick or lip gloss. This one keeps things light but apparent enough to smell and taste a mild fruity flavor when first applied. It’s not overbearing, and might even entice you to add more layers early on just for the aroma alone.

How Long It Lasts

Plumping is moderate and expands after about five minutes for most people, with an average but manageable tingling effect. The primary issue with this gloss, like many, is when you’re ready to clean up. You’ll spend a lot of time wiping away the edges of your mouth and center ridges, which could cause irritation if you brush too hard.

Use Sorme when you need something that’s extremely moisturizing yet firm enough to keep the soft effect going for several hours. It’s made from standard ingredients and has a mild, minty flavor that smells fresh when brushing on your lips.
  • The gloss is very thick and will not require numerous applications
  • Softens the lips and has no sticky residue
  • Although scented, the smell and taste is pleasant
  • Thinner lips won’t receive a broad plumping effect
  • Takes time to clear away the gloss after use

7. BareMinerals – For Sensitive Lips

BareMinerals Mini Moxie Plumping Lipgloss review Last but not least is the BareMinerals Mini Moxie Plumping Lipgloss, which is sold in three color choices.

The bottle itself is a little bit smaller than the other products reviewed but shown in colors that you probably won’t wear on a daily basis.

Causes No Itchy and Irritating Lips

Instead, you might save it for special occasions. In any case, there won’t be any irritation or burning when you first apply, with everything wiping away very easily.

After you’re finished, you shouldn’t see any patches of gloss anywhere on your skin or lips. And plumping will be seen after several minutes yet doesn’t give you any of the bad.

For instance, you can apply it and not have lips that look too coated, as if you were trying to brush in layers in order to make them look bigger.

Know Before You Drink (Or Eat)

However, get ready to do a reapplication after you eat something. The gloss doesn’t hold up well with food and drinks at all.

You may find it even coming off from simply touching it slightly with your finger. And try to wait five or 10 minutes after you’ve finished putting it on because the gloss takes a little while to become firm. Anyhow, the Mini Moxie remains a solid lip gloss and the color goes well for evening events and other settings where you won’t use the small bottle too quickly.

  • Does not causes any irritation to the lips
  • The gloss is easy to wipe clean when finished
  • Plumping is noticeable but not exaggerated
  • Takes about 10 minutes for the gloss to cling to the lips without smearing
  • Easy clings to other surfaces when a high amount is applied

Best Drugstore Lip Plumpers Review – Buyer’s Guide

Before you pick anything that’s advertised to plump up your lips, there are tips you should know to help you end up with something that will give you the desired effects you expect from the product.

Here’s what you should keep in mind:


Size Most lip glosses are sold in sizes between 0.05 to 0.30 ounces. Even a small container could last you for quite some time without needing a replacement, particularly if you don’t use it every day. Most brands stipulate that plumping lip glosses be used about three times a day.

If you anticipate wearing the gloss this number of time, try to find one that has over 0.10 ounces of contents, or consider buying a spare so you won’t run out too quickly.

Additionally, other brands must be used every day for a span of a week or more to see desired effects, so definitely purchase extra once you’ve found a good lip gloss that works but takes more than a day for the “natural” effect to kick in.


Color All lipsticks and lip glosses are chosen based on the color. Thankfully, most glosses for plumping tend to remain close to the same in this regard but have different hues of pink. Although this isn’t always the case, you’re more likely to end up with something that matches the color of your lips.

This is why you should know whether or not the finish will cover your natural color or reflect through it. If it does, you might need a lipstick to go along with the gloss.

Your individual taste is key here but always check to be sure the hue is exactly the same color as shown in the photos of the product. Not all lip glosses look the same in person when held up against an online image.


Sensitivity This is the most important consideration. Plumping lip glosses act as a natural irritant to the skin, which is how they allow your lips to blow up.

The most common ingredients are peppermint, menthol, and cinnamon. At the same time, other inactive ingredients like aloe vera and camphor help numb the sensation so it doesn’t cause severe irritation.

Still, some are more sensitive to plumping lip glosses than others. To avoid an allergic reaction, always test the product in a very small amount on your skin or in a tiny portion of your lips.

Discontinue use if you think you won’t be able to withstand the burning sensation. As a preventive method, check the level of irritability that’s reported on the product you want before purchase so you’ll have an idea of what to expect before it arrives at your door.


Expectations Lip plumper is a great way to have fuller looking lips but are by no means a complete alternative to getting plastic surgery. Some products work better than others but won’t hold up to the same standard as receiving lip injections.

Remember this before you end your search, so that you won’t be disappointed when the examples shown on some product advertisements turn out different from their photos. Regardless, you can still get good results if withstanding a few minutes of irritation won’t bother you.


What Products are Best?

conclusion After you’ve found a gloss that looks interesting, you may end up using it on a routine basis in the same way that normal lipstick is applied. For this reason, the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer is highly recommended for its ability to prolong the plumping effect when used consistently.

And the One Minute Nutrition Lips Plus, second in the ranking, is popular among consumers searching for a gloss unconstrained from the number of times it’s used.

Fewer applications to achieve the desired effects is always a good thing. As indicated in the guidelines, there are factors essential to obtaining a lip gloss that’s acceptable from an individual’s point of view. The top picks have been determined to fulfill your expectations by having a little bit of everything that makes a lip gloss favored.

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