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While smoky eyes and long wings are the makeup style du jour, not everyone will want to use darker colors to provide a mysterious look. That said, the smoky eye look or even long wings may not be the best look for every person or may need to be supplemented with other techniques to provide the best look.

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Best White Eyeliner for Waterline

This waterproof eyeliner has intense color and smooth strokes for our longest-lasting wear yet. Eyeliner glides smoothly and it stays from 7 AM to 12 Midnight without smearing. One stroke of nicely glide application is what it takes!

If you are looking for an eyeliner pencil to make a super fine precise line, or just to fill up the area between eyelashes, this may be a product for you. It is easy and smooth to apply on your eyes.

This is especially true if you are trying to make your eyes look larger and bolder while still providing an otherwise mysterious or smokey look. In this case, you will want to make sure to use best white eyeliner either to make your eyes look larger or to accentuate whatever other technique you use.

What is the Best White Eyeliner in 2020?

That said, there are just as many different types of white eyeliner as there are the darker colors, and figuring out which white eyeliner is the right for you can be a difficult and confusing task.

That is why we have put together a list of the 5 top white eyeliners, highlighting what each one does best.

Then we provide a helpful buyer’s guide, so you can find the best white eyeliner to suit your needs.

Maybelline New York
(Editor’s Choice)
L'Oréal Paris
(People’s Choice)
Mechanical PencilThinNo
(Best Price)

1. Maybelline New York – Best White Eyeliner (Editor’s Choice)

Maybelline New York Eyestudio Review

It may be considered a tad disrespectful to call Maybelline a cosmetics company when it is likely more apt to consider the brand a cosmetics institution.

This is because Maybelline has not only become one of the most popular and well-respected brands on the market but because Maybelline has been able to keep that esteem for over their 100-year history.

Of course, when you also consider that Maybelline is able to use their size to offer less expensive options, it makes our Editor’s Choice a fairly easy one. Of course, any product that on this list that is our Editor’s Choice is pretty much necessarily the top white eyeliner as well.

Best of Both Worlds

While liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliners are regularly duking it out to see which one works the best in the most difficult situations, gel eyeliner has quietly slipped passed them both to provide arguably the best all-around application we have seen.

Specifically, the gel type of eyeliner provides a consistency that is significantly softer than the crayons in eyeliner pencils making it much easier to apply but is also significantly thicker than the consistency of most liquid eyeliners making it far less prone to run, spider, smudge, or otherwise not stay where you drew it. On top of that, gel eyeliner is also noted for providing some of the richest color saturation in the eyeliner market regardless the color.
Review: New Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner

  • Finding the Middle Pros
  • Is a waterproof eyeliner
  • Is a gel eyeliner
  • Has a thick tip
  • Has high-intensity pigments
  • Is smudge resistant
  • Can irritate sensitive eyes
  • Difficult to wash off

2. L’Oréal Paris  – Best White Eyeliner Pencil (People’s Choice)

L'Oréal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner Review

If any company can challenge the storied history and prestige of Maybelline or any other legacy brand of makeup, then L’Oréal Paris is the company you are looking for.

In fact, L’Oréal Paris is actually the most experienced company that we looked at by half a decade though when considering a century of experience, 5 years does not really make that much of a difference.

Still, with a century of experience and a specialization on makeup and makeup accessories, this is easily one of the most reliable companies that we saw though they are also well aware of their prestige.

All-Around Great

If you are looking for a white eyeliner that is a self-contained package, which can virtually do it all, then the L’Oréal Paris Infallible white eyeliner is like your best bet. For one, this is a pencil eyeliner, but the pencil is “mechanical” which means that it has a built-in sharpener. On top of that, the sharpener is designed to prevent the actual crayon of the pencil from separating from the body.

Even better, the L’Oréal Paris Infallible also features a smudger on the opposite end of the eyeliner pencil, though there are only specific looks that would call for that with a white color. Still, the versatility and convenience coupled with the creamy texture as well as the ability to apply a precise line make the L’Oréal Paris Infallible tough to beat.
L'oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner Review & Demo

  • Has a creamy formula
  • Has a built-in sharpener
  • Has a built-in smudger
  • Is smudge resistant
  • Has a thin tip
  • Is a more expensive eyeliner
  • Is not waterproof

3. Prestige – Best White Eyeliner for Waterline (Best Price)

Kohl Prestige Eyeliner Review

Though it may be marketed with the name “Prestige,” this brand of eyeliner is actually the store brand for the mid-tier department store Kohl’s.

Generally, this would be the point where any serious makeup aficionado would immediately check out and move on, but you would be doing yourself a serious disservice in doing so especially if you have sensitive eyes, wear contacts, or have any other issue relating to the application of makeup on or around the eyes, which is consequently why we ranked this our best white eyeliner for waterline.

Made for Sensitive Eyes

One thing to remember when looking for a white eyeliner specifically for the waterline of your eyes is that you are very likely going to expose your eye to the eyeliner’s formula unless you are a professional makeup artist working on another person besides yourself. As such, when looking for a white eyeliner for your waterline, it is a good idea to look around for an eyeliner that uses a formula whose materials are not generally irritants.

Thankfully, the Prestige Eyeliner is made just with that consideration in mind with the overwhelming majority of its ingredients sourced from natural products. On top of that, the Kohl Prestige Eyeliner goes a step further and ensures that no eye is harmed in the manufacturing of their product as they join the more socially conscious makeup brands in no longer testing on animals.
  • Not tested on animals
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Is a pencil eyeliner
  • Has a thick tip
  • Is smudge resistant
  • Is not waterproof
  • Not the longest lasting

4. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP  – Best White Eyeliner for Inner Eye


NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP is a bit of an odd company on our list primarily because it is no longer actually its own company and is instead a subsidiary of L’Oréal Paris.

That said, NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP, which was originally known as NYX Cosmetics before being bought out, was originally founded separately from L’Oréal Paris even specializing exclusively in eyeliner pencils and has been specialized in manufacturing makeup and makeup accessories for under a decade.

Still, NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP has impressed both us and their parent company enough to be marketed as the professional grade lineup.

Difficult to Reach

Normally, we would say that the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Jumbo Eye Pencil white eyeliner is simply the best white eyeliner pencil that we saw and leave it at that. However, the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Jumbo Eye Pencil is so good that it actually deserves to be ranked as the best white eyeliner for one of the most difficult eyeliner applications.

Specifically, due to the excellent coverage as well as the ability to work for people with sensitive eyes, we actually rate this the best white eyeliner for inner eye. Keep in mind, it will work just as well for the entire eye, but because the inner eye is difficult and sensitive, the NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Jumbo Eye Pencil deserves more specialized recognition.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - A Quick Review

  • Combo eyeliner and eyeshadow
  • Is a pencil eyeliner
  • Has a thick tip
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Is smudge resistant
  • Is not waterproof
  • Difficult to wash off

5. ZUZU LUXE  – Snow Eyeliner, 0.04 Ounce

ZUZU LUXE Snow Eyeliner, 0.04 Ounce review

A Bold Eyeliner For You

The Zuzu Luxe Eyeliner has three distinct color styles of Iguana, Snow, and Karat. It’s a small pencil that’s made entirely of natural compounds.

The primary ingredient is Jojoba Oil. There’s no animal testing or shady inactive components to speak of, so chances are slim that you’ll experience any sort of irritation that would render you unable to use it around your eyes.

This is often the most sensitive portion of the skin (that’s sometimes overlooked), so take it along with you as an addition to your kit for quick highlights.

Getting the Highlights Just Right

There really isn’t anything negative about the product but it would be nice if the material did not break apart in such a large amount when sharpened.

If you use a pencil sharpener too often, you may quickly be out of an eyeliner. Try not to press too hard when you doing this to avoid needing another one too early. And some skin tones make develop a pale hue around the eyelids.

This may happen more often if your skin is oily. Regardless, the Zuzu Luxe takes a spot in being the best eyeliner for both oily and cracked or dry skin.

  • Made from all natural materials that do not include animals (or animal testing)
  • Prevents the eyes from becoming dry in the area of application
  • Great for people with oily skin
  • Once put on, the color may become pale after a couple of hours (depending on the skin tone)
  • When sharpened, the pencil takes away too much of the coloring material with it

6. Stila  – Best Waterproof White Eyeliner

Stila Stay All Day Review

While the company stila is not actually organized in a noteworthy manner, other than the fact that it is now a subsidiary company owned by Estée Lauder Companies, it is still worth noting that this is actually the company on our list that was founded by a professional makeup artist.

On top of that, this company has been in existence for over 25 years, which is more than enough time to develop a solid understanding of manufacturing any given product. Still, the stila Stay All Day white eyeliner actually makes our list because of its long-lasting ability.

An Easier Application

By far the most notable thing about the stila Stay All Day white eyeliner is the fact that this is the only liquid eyeliner on our list. While being a liquid eyeliner comes with a number of benefits, by far one of the best is how easy it is to apply compared to the other types of eyeliner available.

That said, what makes the stila Stay All Day unique even amongst it submarket competitors is the fact that it provides a truly waterproof result that is not only waterproof, it is smudge resistant as well. In fact, the stila Stay All Day white eyeliner is actually the longest lasting eyeliner that we reviewed and even comes off easy enough at the end of the day.

  • Is a liquid eyeliner
  • Has a felt tip
  • Is a waterproof eyeliner
  • Is smudge resistant
  • Lasts longer than most
  • Is the most expensive eyeliner reviewed
  • Can irritate sensitive eyes

Best White Eyeliner Review – Buyer’s Guide


Type Though it may not necessarily seem like it at first, the type of eyeliner you choose will very likely be one of the most important qualities.

This is largely due to the fact that the type of eyeliner chosen will ultimately determine the consistency of application.

In this regard, the different types of eyeliner should be seen through the lens of solidity in that the different types of eyeliner roughly correspond to how dense or solid the eyeliner is.

Keep in mind, this consistency has nothing to do with the absolute effectiveness of the eyeliner more than it does with how you prefer to apply it.

That said, there is a definite scale that the different consistencies provide in terms of how easily and thick it goes on but of course, technique and intended style will ultimately determine which is right for you.


Type Pencil This is the standard type of eyeliner that has been used pretty much since makeup was invented. This type of eyeliner features the wooden body of the pencil, but the core is filled with a softer crayon.

This crayon can be shaped with sharpeners to provide you with the tip that best suits you whether you prefer to be broader and duller or thinner and sharper.

It is worth noting that this is usually the least expensive type of eyeliner available and is also noted for being the most difficult to apply often requiring multiple passes or applications. Another potential issue is the crown coming loose from the wooden body, which occurs when the crayon core is broken before it is sharpened generally in the manufacturing process.


Type Liquid As the name suggests, the primary difference and benefit of this type of eyeliner are that it is applied in a liquid form. What this means is that you generally do not need to make multiple passes nor require multiple applications.

On top of that, liquid eyeliner has a tendency to provide a generous amount of fluid with every dip to the point that you may not need more eyeliner for a given eye beyond a single dip.
On the other hand, liquid eyeliner is also noted for being far more painful if it gets into your eyes something that is much more likely considering its liquid nature.

On top of that, liquid eyeliner is also noted for being extremely messy if you are technically proficient but is also the type of eyeliner used to make the long wing look.


Type Gel/Cream The last type of eyeliner is also the newest type of eyeliner developed and was made primarily for professionals at least initially.

These days, many of the gel eyeliners are no longer sold in tins that you then apply with a separate brush though that form of eyeliner does still exist and is often used for professional applications.

Regardless, gel eyeliner basically takes the best qualities of both pencil and liquid eyeliner without keeping their flaws. For instance, gel eyeliner goes on fairly easily, though it is not going to be quite as easy as liquid eyeliner. On the flip side, gel eyeliner is far cleaner than liquid eyeliner and far less prone to getting into your eye.


conclusion As we can see, due to the different physical and preferential needs of the user as well as the various individual qualities of the eyeliners themselves, there is no white eyeliner that will work best for everyone. Instead, you need to identify the qualities that are the most important and single them out.

That said, there are still some products that provide a better result for more people than others, which is why we recommend out Editor’s Choice best white eyeliner in the Maybelline New York Eyestudio.

The gel type of eyeliner provides for an easy application that also avoids the problems commonly found with both eyeliner pencils as well as liquid eyeliner.

It also happens to provide some of the boldest and richest white colors that we saw.

If you need a white eyeliner that can handle the toughest of situations though, then we would recommend the stila Stay All Day white eyeliner. This is a liquid eyeliner that goes on even easier than our Editor’s Choice and also provides one of the longest lasting holds we found. On top of that, the stila Stay All Day white eyeliner is also the best waterproof white eyeliner we found and is smudge proof as well.

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